What types of books does Resilience Multimedia publish?

We publish quality original fiction and nonfiction books by and about the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, their children and other loved ones. We also publish reprints of quality titles, including fiction, business/entrepreneurship, memoirs/autobiographies.

Does Resilience publish poetry?

Resilience does not publish poetry, nor does it publish urban or "street" lit (i.e. sex, drugs & violence), religion books, academic or theoretical works, science fiction or fairytales.

How many books does Resilience publish a year?

Our goal is to publish three to six titles a year, including reprints.

Does Resilience accept simultaneous submissions?

Yes, we accept manuscripts/books that have also been submitted to other publishers.

If my manuscript/book is accepted, when will it be published?

The publication date is typically eight months to one year after acceptance.

What happens if my manuscript or book proposal is not accepted?

If your manuscript or book proposal does not fit our publishing program, we will return all materials to you within four months of receipt. You must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) that is large enough to contain your work. Materials without a SASE will not be returned.

How much can I expect to be paid, if my manuscript/book is accepted?

We offer two payment options:

Outright purchase (you sell the book and all publishing rights): $1,000 – $5,000
Straight royalties (no advance): 10 percent of proceeds from retail sales or 7 percent of proceeds from wholesale sales, paid quarterly.

What happens after you accept my manuscript/book?

Once we determine that your material is appropriate for Resilience and has a sufficiently large and accessible market, we will offer you a contract. If the terms of the agreement are acceptable to you, you will sign and return it. We will provide you with specific instructions on how to submit your full manuscript, if necessary, and give you a publishing schedule. The schedule will cover editing, revisions, title development, cover and interior design, proofreading, and printing.

How will my book be promoted?

As a project moves through the editorial and production process, we will work with you to develop a marketing plan and set up a schedule for marketing and promoting the book. The first step, even before Resilience agrees to publish a particular work, is for you, the author, to think through your own vision of a marketing plan and to fill out our form, "Your Book’s Marketing Plan." It is critically important that you understand that, in order for your book to be successful, you must participate fully and enthusiastically throughout the marketing and promotion process.

How will my book be distributed?

Distributors will be determined based on several factors, including your book’s genre and subject matter.

When can I expect to get a response from Resilience?

Queries: 1 month

Proposals/synopses: 2 months

Manuscripts: 4 months