Manuscript Guidelines

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering Resilience Multimedia as a potential publisher for your manuscript. We take pride in the handholding we give to our authors. We work closely with them to produce books of high quality, and to gain the broadest market exposure possible. Our authors’ success is our greatest reward. That’s at the heart of our brand.

Resilience Multimedia publishes quality original fiction and nonfiction books, by and about the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, their children and other loved ones. We also publish reprints of quality titles, including fiction, business/entrepreneurship, memoirs/autobiographies.

We Do Not Publish:

Urban or "street" lit (i.e. sex, drugs and violence)
Religion books
Academic or theoretical works
Science fiction

How to Submit Book Proposals and Manuscripts


Include a cover letter that gives a brief description of the project.
Include an outline of and an introduction to the project.
Include two chapters showing your best and truest writing style.
Answer all questions in "Your Book’s Marketing Plan" and include with your proposal.
Send a biography, including your publishing credits and credentials in the field/topic about which you are writing.


Send a cover letter, giving a synopsis of the book.
Include at least 100 pages of the manuscript. If you choose to send sample chapters rather than a completed manuscript, be sure to include in your cover letter the projected word length of your manuscript, and estimated completion date.
Answer all questions in "Your Book’s Marketing Plan," and include with your proposal.


Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced.
Clear photocopies are accepted.
Emailed submissions are accepted.
No faxed submissions will be accepted.
Each page must include a page number and the author’s name, contact information and book title.
Retain a copy of your manuscript.
You must supply a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for all materials you want returned. The envelope must be large enough to contain all of the materials.
If your work is accepted for publication, your enthusiastic, active, cooperative participation is essential if your book is to be as successful as possible.

Mailing Address for Queries and/or Manuscripts:

Resilience Multimedia
511 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 525
New York, NY 10011

Note: Do NOT submit original artwork or photography. We cannot be responsible for returning it.