Resilience Multimedia

Resilience Multimedia publishes quality fiction and nonfiction books by the incarcerated, the formerly incarcerated, and their loved ones so that they can tell their own stories and, by doing so, present a fairer, more honest image of this population.

Those who’ve been in prison have been reduced to menacing stereotypes in our society. They experience persistent disadvantages and discrimination that few others face. From employment and housing to voting rights and the everyday struggle to avoid being swallowed whole by poverty, the stigma of incarceration makes its weight felt.

But behind the stereotypes and stigmas, real people live.

One of the best hopes for bringing about a more realistic and balanced view of those living in the shadow of prison lies in having them speak their own truths about their lives. Over time, hearing their stories can lead the larger society to exchange stereotypes for names and faces and to discover that it is not “us” against “them,” but simply “us.” As a result, societal prejudices and barriers can begin to fall away. And in writing their stories, the people of this forgotten population enhance their literacy and make greater sense of their own experiences. They also inspire, encourage, and motivate those in similar situations.

Resilience Multimedia provides a place where these stories can be told, and where society can hear them.