Think Outside The Cell Week

Think Outside the Cell Week

Think Outside the Cell Week is part of a movement to inspire people to overcome self-defeating beliefs, attitudes and behavior, and to achieve their full potential.

The week was conceived in 2007 by Joseph Robinson, who initially had this nation’s millions of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated persons in mind. But he soon realized that the universal themes on which the week rests are easily applicable to all people.

Because spring signifies new beginnings, Think Outside the Cell Week is the third week of April. Each day of the week is dedicated to one of 7 Pillars of Success: Education/Personal Growth; Entrepreneurship/Employment; Family/Community; Health & Fitness; Financial Literacy & Stability; Spiritual Enlightenment, and Building Institutions/Leaving a Legacy. The pillars are essentially themes around which empowering activities are to take place. Participants can create their own activities, or contact the Think Outside the Cell Foundation for suggestions. Some examples are below.

Though officially observed for a week, the 7 Pillars of Success should be implemented daily throughout the year. 

7 Pillars of Success

Day 1:  Education/Personal Growth

  • Take up a hobby

  • Attend a seminar or workshop

Day 2:  Entrepreneurship/Employment

  • Seek free business advice from organizations like SCORE and SBDC

  • Write and submit job resumes

Day 3:  Family/Community

  • Dedicate one day a week to “family time”

  • Adopt a community elder

Day 4: Health & Fitness

  • Establish and stick to a balanced diet

  • Join a support group

Day 5: Financial Literacy & Stability

  • Create a realistic household budget

  • Discuss personal finance and financial plans with family—especially children

Day 6:  Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Pray and/or meditate

  • Develop a plan to pursue your passion

Day 7:  Building Institutions/Leaving a Legacy

  • Form progressive coalitions to identify and address the community’s needs

  • Volunteer time, money and expertise to community-based and other nonprofit organizations