Here’s what publications are saying about the book, Think Outside the Cell:

Think Outside the Cell is a step-by-step guide to help inmates and parolees plot a course for successful re-entry into society after prison.” – Ebony magazine

“Books about business come and go. Someone is always ready to tell us how to manage our money. But few books break down complex concepts of business into terms we can all understand. Fewer still are specifically oriented to helping prisoners succeed. This is the magic of Think Outside The Cell. From attitude to assets, from the streets to the stock market, Think Outside The Cell leaves no question unanswered. If you ever had an excuse for not getting started you don’t have it anymore. This book is all you need.” Prison Legal News
“In Think Outside the Cell, the …material has been captured so well that only an intellectual pantywaist will have much trouble or need much courage locking it in.” –Albany Times Union (Mobile Edition)

This is a book that should be carried in every prison library in the country.” –Reentry Journal

 Here’s what readers and opinion shapers are saying about the book Think Outside the Cell:
Dead Prez, the conscious hip hop duo, featured our book Think Outside the Cell in a video!
“This no-nonsense, step-by-step guide offers a golden key to successful reentry by teaching inmates and former inmates how to use their entrepreneurial talents to realize their dreams.”
John C. Whitehead
Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
Former Co-Chair, Goldman Sachs

“With over two million men and women held in state and federal prisons (and millions more under some form of control or monitoring) this book could not have come at a better time. I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is the best-kept secret to addressing many of the social maladies we currently face as a nation. This book will play an important role in sharing that secret for generations to come. I urge you to read it.”

Steve Mariotti
Founder, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)


“Joseph Robinson, in his book Think Outside the Cell, gives the reader insight into the creative process that develops in prison when deep thinking takes place inside the cell. I have heard people describe this as ‘ceiling time,’ or what happens when your cell becomes your office.”

Rev. Edwin Muller
Chair, The Commission on Chaplains
New York State Council of Churches


“My greatest regret is that I did not meet Joe Robinson sooner. His informative book, Think Outside the Cell, provides hope to many who may have lost hope years ago.”

Julio Medina
Founder and Executive Director
Exodus Transitional Community, Inc.


“Entrepreneurial training provides an opportunity for people coming out of prison to capitalize on their talents and skills, become agents of change in their lives and families, and contribute to the vibrancy and health of our communities. While the nation is starting to comprehend the importance of employment in the reintegration of people with criminal records, little attention is being paid to this opportunity to promote self-determination and empowerment. Think Outside the Cell significantly contributes to the struggle to provide millions of individuals leaving prison and jail each year with the means to rebuild their lives on their own terms.”

Nicole Lindahl
Former Assistant Director, Prisoner Reentry Institute
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York


“It’s totally wonderful! Amazing! Just what is needed in the re-entry discourse.”

Safiya Bandele
Director, Center for Women’s Development
Medgar Evers College, City University of New York


“As someone who has just completed a nine-year federal sentence, thinking outside the cell is a must. Rehabilitation is undoubtedly in the hands of the convicted. Think Outside the Cell is a must read.”

Wahida Clark
Best-Selling Urban Fiction Author


Think Outside the Cell equips inmates and former inmates with the kind of entrepreneurial tools that can transform their lives. This impressive and innovative guide is a must-read for anyone interested in real solutions to the destructive cycle of recidivism plaguing America. It should be required reading for anyone interested in giving men and women leaving prison a realistic second chance.”

Catherine Rohr
Founder, Prison Entrepreneurship Program


“This society does not afford the incarcerated or formerly incarcerated the opportunity to obtain the required economic base to succeed when they are released; therefore, other avenues to success need to be explored and pursued. This book lays out a reasonable course of action that can be followed. We recommend that all incarcerated people read this book and think about their future.”

Dr. Garry A. Mendez, Jr.
Executive Director, The National Trust for the Development of African-American Men