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THINK OUTSIDE THE CELL is working to end systemic discrimination against formerly incarcerated people who struggle to reintegrate into communities across this nation. This discrimination denies millions of willing and capable men and women the essential building blocks of stable lives—including employment and housing—and relegates them to being drains on society for the rest of their lives.


THINK OUTSIDE THE CELL seeks to improve this bleak landscape through a unique combination of research, advocacy, storytelling and coalition-building that we believe can bring about lasting changes in attitudes, laws, policies and practices:


  • RESEARCH: Our research will be used to produce report cards on what each of the 50 states is or is not doing to eradicate discriminatory laws, policies and practices—known as the collateral consequences of criminal conviction. The report cards will go a long way in educating and influencing a range of powerbrokers, as well as society at large, regarding the financial and human costs associated with this widespread discrimination.


  • STORYTELLING: We’re putting a human face on the research and statistics by collecting and disseminating narratives and real-life stories that dramatically illustrate the impact of these discriminatory practices, and also show what it looks like when these practices are lifted.


  • COALITION-BUILDING/ADVOCACY: We’ll develop a national coalition and campaign against this nationwide web of discriminatory policies, working with a range of strategic partners—including incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people; media; legislators and lawyers; government officials; business and labor leaders; nonprofits; academics and students.

To obtain permission to screen the film at your university, prison, conference or organization, contact Kimberly Soenen at kimberlyjsoenen[at]